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Vesna Jovic

Dear Ramona,

THANK YOU for everything that you did for my family. They are arriving today and if it wasn't for you, this wouldn't have happened. I hope to meet you one day in person and thank you. Thank you for being so easy to deal with, so knowledgeable, and helpful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the future.


Thank you very much Ramona! That's great news! Oh, God, I'm crying.... thanks for your hard you! Can't thank you enough, Ramona! You are a great agent!

Sonia Musolino

I would like to thank Ramona for the work she did on applying for my parents visas; she made things very easy and fast. Thank you!


We are extremely happy we have received continuity with our visa to study, work and live in Australia. In life, of course, we all make sacrifices to achieve something important, no matter where we live, but these sacrifices are insignificant taking into account what Australia offers us: the possibilities, the quality of life, the education and the future of our children.

I do not have enough words to praise all that we have in our lives.

All of this wouldn't have happened without the help, support, guidance, friendship and resolution of the whole process provided by Mrs. Ramona Martinovici, from Australia Wide International Education.

Thousands of thanks! We are grateful for life for the help we receive.


You and everything you did for me, all your care and your beautiful way of treating me, all your advice and the fact that you've always been there for me, mean so so much to me! I want to thank you.

Predrag and Jelena Markovic

Dear Ramona,

For some time I was thinking what would be the appropriate way to express my gratitude for your help and support provided to my wife and I, in what was surely, the hardest and most stressful period of our life. I am writing to you to thank you for the incredible work you have done with the whole immigration process we went through.

From the moment we made the decision to immigrate to Australia till the day we became permanent residents you were guiding us and supporting us on this journey. Your professional advice and suggestions helped us meet our goal, which is becoming Australian residents, in the shortest possible period of time.

Moving continents, leaving private and professional life back in Europe and starting all over from scratch was a big challenge; choosing new professions, making the correct steps and right short describes the last three years of our life. Every step of that journey you were with us, encouraging us, supporting us, providing us with useful information in timely and professional manner. I greatly appreciate your flexibility and the fact that you never run out of options whatever the obstacles.

One thing that I liked was your availability and the fact that you always had time to answer all our questions and resolve our doubts. I am still impressed with your commitment and professionalism. At the end, most important are the results, and they couldn't be better, all obstacles were overcome and objectives achieved. Bravo!

I would recommend, without the slightest hesitation, your services to people who need professional help with immigration and everything that follows a such a big step in life, support with professional development and education.

Thank you so much for making our immigration and settling to Australia a success. If you ever need a reference for your services, don't hesitate to have people contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Predrag and Jelena Markovic


Me and my husband are very grateful for helping us.....when we applied for his citizenship...... So thank you for your kindness and you helped us when we needed your help.

Monica Dumitrescu

Where to start? Lets start with the beginning, I`d like to say that no words could express how grateful we are for all the help and support you give us. I would also like to say that even though your schedule was and still is hectic, you always found time for us when we needed you help during our long visa application process. You always had a good advice ready for us, and inspired us to have a positive outlook on life. Generosity, and willingness to help others are some of your hallmark qualities, which you extended to us even after we arrived in Australia... You are a great example of how everyone should be like, I would even say that you are role model, in both your professional life and family life, and that anyone that gets to work with you or be your friend can consider himself lucky. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to meet people like you